these are the readings that i've been enjoying recently! ✨ i hope you enjoy them too!


​✿ crusing utopia: the then and there of queer futurity by josé estaban muñoz 

✿ Black feminist hauntology by viviane saleh-hanna

✿ progress versus utopia; or, can we imagine the future? by frederic jameson

​✿ sister outsider: essays and speeches by audre lorde

​✿ introduction: homonationalism and biopolitics by jasbir k. puar

​✿ of other spaces: utopias and heterotopias by michel foucault

✿ artwashing, or, between social practice and social reproduction by magally miranda and kyle lane-mckinley 

​✿ heteropatriarchy and the three pillars of white supremacy: rethinking women of color organizing by andrea smith

✿ envisioning cyborg bodies: notes from current research by jennifer gonzález